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Latest Arrivals


27 Jan - New Items added from His Wounds

2 Jan - New Items added to the Pre-Order section (from NWN, Out of Season and WTC)

21 Dec - New Items added from NoEvDia, Out of Season, Van, WTC
6 Dec - Huge update to the Vaporwave section with all titles from 100% Electronica now back in stock
1 Dec - New Items add
ed from Asrar, Dark Adversary and Northern Heritage/Freak Animal

14 Nov - New items from Livor Mortis available now for Pre-Order
10 Nov - New items from Final Agony/Satanik Requiem available now for Pre-Order
8 Nov - New Items added from Asrar, DOD, Out of Season, WTC, etc.

3 Oct - Repress of Eerified Catacomb - Eerified Catacomb LP available now!!
3 Oct - New Items added from NoEvDia, Sinistrari and WTC
13 Sept - New Items added from Avantgarde, Dungeons Deep, Fourth Dimension and Hidden Hand
25 Aug - New items added from WTC and related

4 Aug - Huge shipment from Out of Season available now with new items + restocks

25 July - New items added from Nuclear War Now! Productions

21 July - Website updated with lots of new titles and restocks from WTC + more

5 July - Hugh update with new items from Asrar, Hellfire, Livor Mortis, Phantom Lure + more

15 May - Massive update with new titles from Hidden Hand, Out of Season, WTC and many others

28 Apr - Update with new items and restocks from NoEvDia

28 Apr - Added some LIVOR MORTIS LPs to the Pre-Order section

6 Apr - New titles added from Dod, Final Agony, Morte Creations, etc.

24 Feb - New titles added from Out of Season, Phantom Lure & Tour De Garde

1 Feb - Added some Tour De Garde T-Shirts that are available for Pre-Order

25 Jan - New items added from Livor Mortis

10 Jan - New items added from Signal Rex

10 Jan - Carved Cross - Futile Reflections of a Failed Existence LP available now and in stock


20 Dec - Carved Cross / Belzebuth - Split LP available now and in stock

20 Dec - New Items and restocks of most items in the vaporwave section

28 Nov - Added some new releases from Promulgator

12 Oct - Added Nocturnal Emissions - Vol. 4 10 'Year Commemorative Reprint' Zine to the store

14 Sept - Huge update with new items from AltareTour de Garde and WTC

02 Sept - Këkht Aräkh stock levels have been replenished in the Pre-Order section where previously sold out

11 Aug - New items added from Death Hymns, NoEvDia and Out of Season

4 Aug - MASSIVE update to the Cassette and CD Sections

21 July - New items added from Black Gangrene, Cold Beach & WTC

14 July - The new Livor Mortis batch is in stock now and shipping, more items also added to the Pre-Order section

5 July - Awesome new Dungeon Synth items added from Out of Season

30 June - New batch from Livor Mortis and Këkht Aräkh reissues from Sacred Bones now available for Pre-Order

25 June - New Items/Restocks added from Asrar, Darkness Shall Rise, Fallow Field and Final Agony... Another 250+ Items also listed to the Last Copy/Second Hand Section

10 June - New releases from Blackline, Bloodwoods, Carved Cross, DSNGG, GFS, Leather Temple available now aswell as new distro items from Asrar, Black Gangrene, Brugmanziah, Death Shadow, Fusty Cunt, Livor Mortis, etc. etc.

27 May - Lots of new stuff added including new items/restocks from NoEvDia

14 May - New Titles added from Death Hymns and Fall of Nature. Also added a new Last Copy Section

11 May - Added some copies of Noise Receptor Journal no. 8, 9 & 10

8 May - New titles added from NoEvDia and related

30 Apr - New Issue of Kolyma Tales added to the store along with loads of classic Australian CDs

20 Apr - Heaps of great Dungeon Synth titles added to the store from Out of Season

13 Apr - Added new items from 33 Propaganda, Black Gangrene and Hatework

3 Apr - Added some copies of the Auragraph - Memory Tracer LP to the Vaporwave section

30 Mar - New Items/Restocks added from Tour De Garde

27 Mar - New Items added from La Esfinge de la Calavera aswell as some FCOS and Carved Cross Shirts for Pre-Order

26 Mar - Added Pestus Cultus - Pestus Cultus CD/LP to the store

19 Mar - New items in stock from Ancien Culte, Aon Records, Asrar, Asylum Tenebris, Black Gangrene, Death Manifestations

12 Mar - Added some new items from Livor Mortis, Tour De Garde and a new Issue of Down & Out.

26 Feb - New Items added from EAL., Kaldeskard, Nebular Carcoma, NoEvDia, Novichok + some restocks of recently sold out titles

16 Feb - Added some new items from Asrar, Death Hymns, Novichok and Omnipresent Entities

9 Feb - If anyone is into Vaporwave, I added a new section here with some titles from 100% Electronica and Hiraeth, all titles can be combined with other distro items.

3 Feb - Added heaps of old Winterreich releases/distro items + some releases from Ancien Culte and Ossuaire Records

31 Jan - New items in stock from Fourth Dimension

25 Jan - Added some new items and restocks from NoEvDia, Northern Heritage, Osmose, etc.


31 Dec - New items in stock from NoEvDia, Nordvis & Northern Heritage

23 Dec - Added Seance Of - The Colour of Magick CD/LP to the store

11 Dec - Lots of new items in stock from New Era, Tour De Garde, etc.

03 Dec - Added some items to the store from Black Gangrene Productions

28 Nov - Added some tapes to the store from Tormentor Productions

Overuse | Tasmanian Black Metal

Underground Black Metal

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