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(Description by C. Conrad) In this day and age, it is highly unusual for a band to successfully and authentically channel the ancient sound of a highly-revered, but otherwise extinct scene in the metal world. One such seemingly irreplicable and legendary movement erupted in Brazil in the mid-1980s with an unmatched ferocity that birthed the likes of Sarcófago, Vulcano, Holocausto, Mutilator, and others of similar renown. Since then, it has been nearly unheard of for a band to establish itself by faithfully capturing the unmistakable sound pioneered by this iconic scene. However, there are always exceptions to rules, and one that has emerged to challenge such a paradigm has done so from the unlikely location of Leipzig, Germany. With its name itself a tribute to Vulcano’s 1986 debut, Bloody Vengeance has deliberately crafted its deadly weaponry of warfare noise over the past twelve-plus years. Nuclear War Now! and Bloody Vengeance first allied themselves to release a long-overdue vinyl version of the 2014 “Destruição Nuclear” album earlier this year. Composed of seven original tracks and two befitting covers of Sarcofago’s “Satanic Lust” and Mutilator’s “Believers of Hell,” this release served to reintroduce the Belo Horizonte scene to the legions of maniacs that saw it exclusively as a relic of the past. Now, less than a year later, Bloody Vengeance and NWN! have conspired again to bring forth “Ruido de Guerra,” the second full-length installment in the band’s arsenal. Like its predecessor, “Ruido de Guerra” recalls Bloody Vengeance’s adoptive ancestry of Brazilian deathcore, rife with the militaristic cadence established by Exesor’s unhinged percussion and Kadeniac’s four and six-string detonations and battle commands. With its five new tracks, in addition to re-recorded versions of two previously-released tracks and a cover of Sarcófago’s “Day of the Dead,” this album collectively reminds us that truly great incubators of metal never die. They just lay dormant until a worthy disciple rekindles their flame.

Bloody Vengeance - Ruido De Guerra CD

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