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Limited to 500. High quality jewel case CD with gold printing, multi-color disc print + foldout booklet poster + hype sticker.

There are no export restrictions on this title!


To be able to cross this release off the list is again nothing short of a dream realized. it's been on everyone's top requests for the past 25+ years. We made it happen one way or another!


This is by far the closest we will ever get to a proper reissue of the original Era 1 compilation which has been out of print since the 90s, and no expense was spared. The original layout remains intact and was recreated from the ground up by Einherjart, with the audio sourced from a live performance in 2022, then mastered for exceptional fidelity. And, for the first time, all ten original tracks are included!

Mortiis - Crypt of the Wizard (Live) CD

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