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The first two songs from George Clanton & 311's Nick Hexum new project are out now! 


“I met 311 fan and electronic up-and-comer George Clanton at a 311 show. I quickly became a big fan of his nostalgic style. We exchanged emails and started sending demos back and forth.  It’s been a lot of fun to work in a new genre which I would call retro-electronica-ethereal-hip hop. And is sometimes referred to as “vaporwave”. George is all about summoning a feeling of nostalgia. He has a masterful way of twisting and bending sounds to make them sound vintage.  He manages to create soundscapes that are both retro and futuristic. I added guitar and vocals to George’s lush soundscape for this stoney side project. Here are 2 songs, Crash Pad and King For a Day. Enjoy!” - Nick Hexum (311)

George Clanton & Nick Hexum - Crash Pad & King for a Day 7" EP [Blue]

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