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Limited to 150 copies. Sealed pro-tape with 4 panel j-card insert  + Bandcamp download card.


Anadûnê and Frostgard unite to tell the tale of the fall of Menegroth! This epic length split puts to song the ruin of Doriath during the 1st age of Arda.

In the forgotten walls of the thousand caves resound thoughts of yesteryear, memories of a once prosperous kingdom in Beleriand, now lying in ashes after the Ruin of Doriath. Once again, greed and power took away the essence of a magical place, forged by the hands of Melian the Maia, and the curse of Mandos was once again fulfilled.

“… Thingol sat long in silence, gazing upon the great treasure that lay upon his knees; and it came into his mind that it should be remade, and in it should be set the Silmaril...” (The Silmarillion, J. R. R Tolkien)

Frostgard / Anadune - Echoes from the Thousand Caves Cass

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