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Classic yearning dungeon synth from the French lore master, who has been an integral part of the dungeon synth revival since it's beginnings in the early 2010s. Over the years many powerful Erang compositions have been put out on a number of albums, each being part of a subtle world-building, that gives different views into the imagined Land Of Five Seasons, and with several of the albums only available physically for a limited period on self-released CDr.


'King of Nothing, Slave to No One' is one of those albums, and recently celebrated it's 7th anniversary. It contains several memorable tracks ranging from the dark and epic to the light and innocent, creating an unpredictable listening experience, that ultimately feels forlorn and sincere. This tape release contains the bonus track "The Will And The Way" not available online, and is a co-release between Forsaken Relics (Denmark) and Out Of Season (USA).

Erang - King of Nothing, Slave to No One Cassette Tape

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