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WRR001: Dea Tacita - Deathcrush Promo Tape
WRR002: Eternity of Darkness - Shirt
WRR003: Midgard - Dawn of Martyrdom MC
WRR004: Funereal Moon - Luciferian Symphonies of Destruction CD
WRR005: Hell Bell - Demo 6661 (Devilish Metal) MC
WRR006: Zarach'Baal'Tharagh / Karbonized Traitor Split 7" EP
WRR007: Zarach'Baal'Tharagh - Chapter 666 12" LP
WRR008: Zarach'Baal'Tharagh - LS Shirt
WRR009: Osirion / The Black Death - Split 7" EP
WRR010: Vinterriket - ...Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren Schrittes Tape LP
WRR011: Vinterriket - Winterschaften Tape LP
WRR012: Vinterriket - Landshaften Ewiger Einsamkeit Entgegen Tape LP
WRR013: Vinterriket - Der Letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit Entgegen Tape LP
WRR014: Vinterriket - Von Eiskristallen... Und Dem Ewigen Chaos / Das Winterreich MC
WRR015: Vinterriket - Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit / Stille MC
WRR016: Vinterriket - 7-Zoll Kollektion 2002 MC
WRR017: Mons Veneris - Evil Genius (A Tribute to Abruptum) MC
WRR018: Caedes Vocum - Animus Silvae MC
WRR019: Cursed 13 - I Love Cyanide MC
WRR020: Prossession of Evil - Improvised Evil / I Haunt All Wolves MC
WRR021: Blackline - Demo 1 MC
WRR022: ?
WRR023: Devilish Era - The Deiphobic Syndrome Tape LP
WRR024: Aryos - Maitre des Dominations Cérèbrales Tape LP
WRR025: Mons Veneris - My Darkest Desires VCDr
WRR026: ?
WRR027: ?
WRR028: Cripta Oculta - Ode ao Metal MC
WRR029: Mons Veneris / Dark Autumn - Split MC
WRR030: Mons Veneris / Weltshmerz - Split MC
WRR031: ?
WRR032: Nocturnal Depression - Nostalgia MC
WRR033: Nocturnal Depression - Near to the Stars MC
WRR034: Nocturnal Depression - Suicidal Thoughts MC
WRR035: Nocturnal Depression - Soundtrack For a Suicide MC
WRR036: Hypothermia - Suicide Fixation ReRelease MC
WRR037: Hypothermia - Självdestruktivitet ReRelease MC
WRR038: Hypothermia - Självdestruktivitet II ReRelease MC
WRR039: Scourge of the Leper - Demo/Reh' MC
WRR040: Kill the Kristians - The Final Solution Tape LP
WRR041: Nuclear Winter - Pain Slavery and Desertion Tape LP
WRR042: Mons Veneris / Forbidden Citadel of Spirits - Grim Moonlight Upon Transylvania Split MC
WRR043: Forbidden Citadel of Spirits - Mist of Eidolon MC
WRR044: Natura - Anthoonij Promo Tape
WRR045: Natura - Lutjegast Tape EP
WRR046: Natura - Heemskerk Tape EP
WRR047: ?
WRR048: ?
WRR049: Unknown - Long Night Approaches MC
WRR050: ?
WRR051: ?
WRR052: Mons Veneris / Irae - Split LP
WRR053: Black Putrescence LP
WRR054: ?
WRR055: WarFront - Die or March ReRelease MC
WRR056: Wyrd - Wrath & Revenge MC
WRR057: Wyrd - Heathen Tape LP
WRR058: Wyrd - Huldrafolk Tape LP
WRR059: Wyrd - Vargtimmen Pt. 1: The Inmost Night Tape LP
WRR060: Wyrd - Vargtimmen Pt. 2: Ominous Insomnia Tape LP
WRR061: Wyrd - Rota Tape LP
WRR062: Wyrd - The Ghost Album Tape LP
WRR063: AurvandiL - Demo 2 MC
WRR064: Zarach'Baal'Tharagh / The Dead Musician - Split MC
WRR065: ?
WRR066: Bleak Solitude - End Your Fucking Life MC
WRR067: Bleak Solitude - Rehearsal 31.03.07 MC
WRR068: Drowning the Light - The Fallen Years Double MC
WRR069: Drowning the Light - A World Long Dead Tape LP
WRR070: Drowning the Light - Defenders 
WRR071: Drowning the Light - Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride Tape LP
WRR072: Drowning the Light - Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride Tape LP special edition
WRR073: Drowning the Light - Through the Noose of Existance Tape LP
WRR074: Drowning the Light - Through the Noose of Existance Tape LP special edition
WRR075: Drowning the Light - To the End of Time Tape LP
WRR076: Natura - ACNIY Cass
WRR077: Austere - Withering Illusions and Desolation MC
WRR078: Drowning the Light - Tormented Nights MC
WRR079: The Wizar'd - Killing Ourselves to LIVE! MC [3 versions]
WRR080: Drowning the Light - Flames of Sacrifice MC
WRR081: Mons Veneris / Old Oak - Split MC
WRR082: Forbidden Citadel of Spirits - Promo 2007 MC
WRR083: Drowning the Light - Obscure Worship MC
WRR084: Drowning the Light / Forbidden Citadel of Spirits - Split MC
WRR085: Drowning the Light - Vampyres of a Dead Age C10
WRR086: Drowning the Light - Dungeon Rehearsal MC
WRR087: Drowning the Light - Poisoned Summer MC + Poster
WRR088: Muspelheim - Muspelheim MC
WRR089: Forbidden Citadel of Spirits / Vetala - Split C10
WRR090: Vrag - 2007 Tape EP
WRR091: Old Oak / Drowning the Light - Split MC
WRR092: Astaroth - S/T MC
WRR093: Isiis - Live @ LCC C10
WRR094: Forbidden Citadel of Spirits - Illustrious Goatism
WRR095: Circle of Ouroborus - Tape EP
WRR096: Drowning the Light - The Weeping Moon Pro-Tape MLP
WRR097: Drowning the Light - The Weeping Moon Pro-Tape MLP SPECIAL VERSION
WRR098: Forbidden Citadel of Spirits / Gandr - Split Tape
WRR099: Toil / Forbidden Citadel of Spirits - Split 7" EP [normal + promo version]
WRR100: ?
WRR101: FCOS - Promo 2008
WRR102: Bleak Solitude - Rehearsal 2006
WRR103: Bleak Solitude - Untitled
WRR104: Bleak Solitude - Untitled
WRR105: Bleak Solitude - Season of the Goat
WRR106: ?
WRR107: FCOS - The Occult Fingers Of Spell Cass
WRR108: ?
WRR109: Toil / FCOS - Split Cass
WRR110: DTL - The Blood of the Ancients
WRR111: ?
WRR112: Old Oak / Drowning The Light - Split LP
WRR113: Nekrasov - Into The No-Mans-Sphere Of The Ancient Days Cass
WRR114: Nekrasov - The Form Of Thought From Beast ‎Cass
WRR115: ?
WRR116: ?
WRR117: ?
WRR118: ?
WRR119: ?
WRR120: Bleak Solitude - Live 2008 Cass
WRR121: Erebus Enthroned & Nekros Manteia - Spiritual Deconstruction ‎Cass
WRR122: Bleak Solitude - Friday 13th Rehearsal Cass
WRR123: Circle of Ouroborus - IPSOS 7" + Cass
WRR124: FCOS / Kazaviel - Split 7"
WRR124: Astaroth - Enki's Age Approaches Cass
WRR125: Ceremony - Demo I Cass
WRR126: FCOS - Promo 2009 Cass
WRR127: Vetala - Death Plagues
WRR128: ?
WRR129: ?
WRR130: DTL - Elixir Of Rancid Dreams & Broken Memories
WRR131: ?
WRR132: Eindig / Bleak Solitude - Split Cass
WRR133: Enecare / FCOS - Split Cass
WRR134: FCOS - My Goats are all Corpses Cass
WRR134: Bereavement / Artanor - Imperial Hordes Split Cass
WRR135: Drowning the Light - The Masters Empire Cass
WRR136: ?
WRR137: ?
WRR138: ?
WRR139: ?
WRR140: ?
WRR141: Blackline - Demo III Cass
WRR142: ?
WRR143: ?
WRR144: The Remains - Egg of the Century Cass
WRR145: Darkness Enshrouded The Mist / Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits - Split Cass
WRR146: ?
WRR147: Blackline / Decreptitude - Split Cass
WRR148: ?
WRR149: ?
WRR150: ?
WRR151: ?
WRR152: ?
WRR153: Blackline - Demo V Cass
WRR154: ?
WRR155: Blackline - From the Chalice... 'special edition' Cass
WRR156: Remains - Egg of the Century/Denim and Denim Cass
WRR157: ?
WRR158: ?
WRR159: Carved Cross - Rehearsal MMXIII Cass
WRR160: Eindig - Live, Seasons End Cass
WRR161: Tune of the Skies - Seven Stars Cass
WRR162: Night Falls Haunting - Demo 1 Cass
WRR163: Blackline - Demo VI Cass
WRR164: Sump / Carved Cross - Split 7"
WRR666: Black Howling - Alma... Floresta de Dor CD
WRR666: Bleak Solitude - Live 2007 Cass
WRRxxx: Bleak Solitude - Halloween Rehearsal Cass

? = Cancelled, Private or Forgotten

Other releases:
Eerified Catacomb / Mars Creation - Split Cass
Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits - 2010-2012 Cass
Bleak Solitude - Friday 13th Pt. II Rehearsal Cass
Bleak Solitude - Live 2011 Cass
Dea Tacita - Rehearsal 2 ‎Cass
Dea Tacita - Live 2006 ‎Cass
Dea Tacita - Rehearsal 3 Cass
Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits - Eerified Catatombs Cass
Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits - Wolves Black Blood-Ritual Rehearsal Cass
Dea Tacita - Rehearsal 4 Cass
Dea Tacita - Rehearsal V ‎Cass
Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits - Blood-Ritual Rehearsal Cass
Dea Tacita - Live 2006 + Rehearsal Cass

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