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Claws of Moriis - Sunset of Sorrow CD

Fief - I-IV 4x CD

Fief - I Cass/LP

Fief - II Cass/LP

Fief - III Cass/LP

Fief - IV Cass/LP

Fief - V Cass

Final - I Am the Dirt Under Your Fingernails DLP

Frostgard - Valaquenta I+II DCD/DLP

Hole Dweller - Flies the Coop CD/LP

Kirkwood - King of the Golden Hall CD/LP
Kirkwood - Where Shadows Lie CD/LP

Kirkwood - Uruk-Hai CD/LP

Kleistwahr - Do Not LP

Kleistwahr - Down But Defiant Yet/Acceptance is Not Respect DLP

Kleistwahr - Mobility one-sided LP

Ramleh - It's Never Alright'/'Kerb Krawler 7"

Sudden Infant - Lunatic Asylum LP

Thangorodrim - Prologue 4x CD

Warlock Corpse - Cosmic Spell Cass

Warlock Corpse - Leaving this Rotten World Cass

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