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"Detached from the influences of the outside world, I began to reunite with feelings that I forgot I had the capacity to feel. I started to recognize how, in this modern society fueled by greed and excess, we have reached a collective state of deep desensitization. Us Ephemeral is a call to return back to ourselves, to feel without judgment or resistance; self-actualization as an act of selflessness." -Vitesse X


Critical Reception:

7 Female Electronic Producers and Singers to Watch -NUMERO Magazine


“…transportive…”, “Engineered with precision” and “.. channels bits of techo, trance, 2-step, and jungle into contemporary rave hybrids tempered with a hint of vaporwave’s self-awareness... The title track kicks things off with dust clouds of reverb, little scraps of what might be radio transmissions, a big widescreen beat, and Stern’s floaty vocals. A sped-up voice riding shotgun chants, Go go go go go. It’s a winning start to an album that continues down similar paths, passing landmarks of the last 40-odd years of dance music." -Pitchfork


"...euphoric, rave-ready..." -Gorilla vs. Bear


"A shapeshifting, retro-futuristic effort from the nyc vapor-house debutante." -IMPOSE MAGAZINE


"An ode to the perpetual passing of time, “Us Ephemeral” embraces the impermanence and absurdity of life itself." -C-Heads


"Vitesse X's affinity for blending elements of dream-pop, drum & bass percussion, and vaporwave is made immediately apparent with her newest track's hypnotic yet energetic feel." -Ones To Watch on 'Us Ephemeral'


"The retrofuturist project is what we can safely call a crossover as it transcends jungle beats, vaporware, hypnagogic pop and chillwave to form something new, a cyborg dream pop that would fit so well in the 100% Electronica landscape." - Highclouds 

Vitesse X - Us Ephemeral LP

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