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Chillwave pioneers Small Black are returning with their first new album in five years. Cheap Dreams, described as a “Long Island gothic surf epic,” will be released on April 9th, 2021 via 100% Electronica.


Founded in 2009 Brooklyn, Small Black were at the forefront of the chillwave scene of the early 2010s. Making their way through three LPs and multiple incarnations of the band, they became a touring machine across America and overseas throughout the last decade. After five years, Cheap Dreams finds the band taking stock on where they’re from and where they’ve ended up. The album pays tribute to Kolenik’s uncle, a passionate surfer whose attic in Long Island was used for making their first album. Shortly after the release of their 2015 album, he passed from a stroke while at the beach and a good chunk of the record is about his life and how it reflects on the band’s choice to try to live out theirs as musicians.

Small Black - Cheap Dreams LP

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